Firearm Safety Training of Mass

Firearm safety Training of Mass. License To Carry. Braintree. Rockland.

Defensive Pistol Shooting:

The Defensive Pistol Shooting program is a one-on-one shooting intensive program which provides personalized coaching for the new shooter. It is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific firearm model which may be student supplied or instructor provided.

After reviewing basic safety practices and range etiquette students will be directed through a series of live-fire shooting drills to reinforce the 5 fundamentals of shooting and to build confidence and marksmanship skills. Students will be introduced to balancing speed & precision, shooting at different distances, clearing pistol malfunctions, as well as different reloading techniques. Common mistakes for the new shooter will be discussed as well as ways to correct and manage them.

This is an approximately 4 hour course (depending on shooter ability) with an average round count of 250 rounds. It is provided at an hourly rate ($50/hr) plus the discounted cost of ammunition. This course is designed to allow for the individual shooter's ability and improvement to dictate it's progression. Instead of a rigid time limit, this course has a set of goals for the new shooter to achieve. A shooter may attend more than one session as desired.

Students will receive a Firearm Safety Training of Mass Defensive Pistol Shootingcertificate as well as pictures and video of their range time.

The goal of this program is to build a strong shooter one fundamental at a time and to familiarize the student with the pistol through ample hands on manipulation and shooting drills.

All classes now scheduled by request only. Please email with the number of students who would like to attend and the date requested.